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Package Release Package type Site count
Hortus Unknown module 0
HTDigest passwords Unknown module 0
HTTP Parallel Request Library 7.x-1.14 module 2
Image 7.78 module 2
Image CAPTCHA 7.x-1.3 module 2
Image Effects Text 7.x-1.5 module 0
Image Effects Text test 7.x-1.5 module 0
Image Metadata Extension Unknown module 0
Image styles admin 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache Actions 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache Autorotate 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache Canvas Actions 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache Color Actions 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache Custom Actions 7.x-1.5 module 0
Imagecache_actions Test Suite 7.x-1.5 module 0
ImageMagick 7.x-1.0 module 2
ImageMagick Advanced 7.x-1.0 module 0
Insert from view Unknown module 0
Instantly runs a quick cron on the update/insert of a new entity Unknown module 2
Interactive Maps :: Input filter 7.x-1.x-dev module 0
Interface Translate Unknown module 0
Interface Translate - Contribute Unknown module 0
Internationalization 7.x-1.27 module 0
ITIS Term Unknown module 2
IUCN Widget Unknown module 0