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Package Release Package type Site countsort descending
eMonocot Checklist Unknown module 0
eMonocot Scratchpad 2 migrate 7.78 profile 0
Biblio ZooBank autocomplete Unknown module 0
UUID default entities example Unknown module 0
PHP filter 7.78 module 0
Chat room Unknown module 0
ImageMagick Advanced 7.x-1.0 module 0
Footnotes Wysiwyg 7.x-2.5 module 0
Scratchpads Tests Results pages and block Unknown module 0
Cite this page Unknown module 0
Trigger 7.78 module 0
Database logging 7.78 module 0
Localization server 7.x-1.x-dev module 0
Taxon and content statistics Unknown module 0
Path translation 7.x-1.27 module 0
Feeds: Entity Translation 7.x-1.x-dev module 0
Term Depth access 7.x-1.14 module 0
'O'xford e-research centre 'B'atch 'O'peration 'E'ngine Unknown module 0
Entity UI Unknown module 0
Bartik 7.78 theme 0
Citation Unknown module 0
Date Views 7.x-2.9 module 0
Charts and Graphs: Flot 7.x-1.0 module 0
Form flow UI 7.x-1.2 module 0
Advanced help example 7.x-1.2 module 0