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The site title will appear in the header section of your Scratchpad by default but can be removed later.

Your sub-domain name should be:

  • Short. You can choose up to 34 characters, but short names and single words are easier to remember. We recommend no more than 20 characters.
  • Simple. The subdomain name should be your website's name.
  • Legal. Spaces and special characters are not allowed. Remember also that domain names are NOT case sensitive.
  • Relevant. For a taxonomic site, enter the highest taxon you will be working on, e.g. "diptera" or "britishdiptera". For a society site, enter the society's acronym, e.g. "bogsoc" or "windsoc".

An example sub-domain for a Scratchpad on mice/rats would be muridae, which would give a Scratchpad URL of

Using your own domain

Users are more than welcome to purchase their own domain name for use with a Scratchpad. All that is required is that the domain name is pointed at our server which has the IP address If using your own domain name, the domain purchase should be completed before the Scratchpad application.

If you would like to use your own domain name, then enter the full domain name (without "http://").

The taxonomic group which best describes what taxa will be featured on your site. e.g. Insecta, Aves, Phthiraptera, Dragons
The client to whom this site belongs.
The type of site to install.
The profile selected here determines the list of supported platforms below.
The platform you want the site to be hosted on.
Not seeing a certain platform? Platforms shown are those that support the profile above. If a different profile is selected, this list may change automatically.
The language of site being installed.
The database server the site will use to host its content.

About you

The name of this client, generally the organization name or the contact name for individuals.
The institution with which you are most closely associated. If retired or amateur, please insert "N/A"
The country that you are based in.
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